Norse Rune Reading $50.00

Norse Runes are stones with Rune alphabet on them and are used a form of Divination.  They give you information about where you are and where you are going.  They tell you what you need to work on in order to get where you want to go. 

Norse Rune Readings Online $20.00

Get a Norse Rune 3 card spread on-line.  Email a picture and I’ll do a card reading and email the explanation of the card spread back to you.

No travelling involved.

Home and Property Cleansing/Protection $65.00

If you feel you are surrounded by negative energy in and around your home you need a cleansing.  We unintentionally pick up negative energy from others or when something bad had happened.  That energy stays with us until we release it.  We will come to your home and cleanse you and your home/property.  We can even show you how to do this yourself if you wish. 

Here is a list of current workshops and courses available:

Earthway Living Course Series(5 Weeks)$425.00(Payment Plan Is Available)

Earthway Power $65.00

How to Make Herbal Remedies Workshop $55.00

Ritual Design $65.00

Folk Magic $65.00

The Healing Power Of Crystals $75.00

Symbols & Signs $65.00

Spells & Magic $85.00

Norse Runes $55.00

Mystical Creatures $55.00

Fairy Lore $55.00

Custom Herbal Remedies

We will sit down and discuss your needs and come up with a solution. These include medicinal herbs and ritual herbs.  Cost will depend on remedy needed.

Crystal Healings $65.00

Crystal healing is beneficial for working on emotional issues as well as physical.  Crystals amplify the energy being directed.  Different crystals carry different energies so using them in healing allows for the correct energy to be directed at a specific problem.  Crystal Healing are available for both humans and pets.

Private Mentoring For Wicca Or Holistic/Herbal Healingis available. These programs are personalized to individuals looking to become solitary witches or practice Herbal healing at home.

Private or Group Classes

Customized private classes are available please call or email me your request.

Group Gatherings Or Walks

We provide special gatherings such as meditations, lunar celebrations, and special interest.  We also hold guided walks at Grand Bar Stables for identifying trees or herbs.  Please contact us if you wish to book a group gathering or check our events page to find out when you could join one of our gatherings.  This year we have planned Fairy walks and a couple of guided Meditations coming up in June/July.