Chickens & Ducks

New Zealand Cross Rabbits

Grand Bar Stables is a 58 acre farm located at 27150 Thorah Sideroad in Beaverton, Ontario, Canada.  We are the parent farm for Holly’s Rabbits and Earthway Holistic Services.  We are a family run farm and horse boarding stable.  We raise New Zealand Cross Rabbits, Chickens and Ducks for pets and meat.  We sell our Chicken and Duck eggs and meats here on the farm.  We grow organic vegetables, herbs and Hay.  We grow our vegetables and herbs without any chemicals, pesticides or artificial substances.  No GMO plants or seeds!  We use Organic growing practices.  This year we are expanding our Herb gardens and working on some other projects which will help extend our growing season.  We offer tours and classes on site so you may learn how to produce your own food at home. 

Some Of Our Horses

Chicken & Duck Eggs