Herbal Remedies For The Whole Family


Exploring The Benefits Of Using Herbal Remedies Instead Of Drugstore Brands

What Herbs Are Mild Enough To Be Safe For Children

Covering A Number Of Common Ailments And What Herbs Could Be Used

Recipes Are Included

How To Make Herbal Remedies For Pets Workshop


How To Make A Salve 
How To Make A Tincture 
How To Harvest Your Herbs 
How To Buy The Best Quality Herbs Or EO's 
How To Use The Salve Or Tincture Or Herb Or Essential Oil 
List Of References To Help You Get Further On Your Own

Using Herbs In Your Everyday Life Workshop


Cleaning With Herbal Products

Making Your Own Herbal Products

Cooking With Herbs

Crafts/ Aroma/ Smudging Growing/ Harvesting

Supplements For You/Children/Pets

Earthway Living For Your Pets 


Commercial Pet Foods – Reading Labels And Some Of The Issues Involved Raw Diet

The 2 Types And What’s The Difference & What Are The Benefits

Herbal Remedies & Why Herbs Work

More Natural Ways Of Living Every Day To Better The Health Of Your Pet

Cleaning, Training & Care

Basic Herbs That Benefit Your Pets And The Ones To Stay Away From

(Pets Included Are Dogs, Cats And Horses Mainly)

Courses, Workshops and Retreats

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Earth Magic Fairies

Basic Pet Care Workshop

$25.00(Free when you adopt from a shelter)

For Dogs, Cats & Small Cage Animals (Not For Reptiles)

Things To Consider Before Adopting A Pet

Legal Responsibility As A Pet Owner

Dietary Care And Options Available

Learning Proper Care For Animals

The Advantages Of Pet Training

References To Local Pet Care Specialist

Earthway In The Kitchen Workshop


Cooking With Organic Herbs And Food

The Bad Food Stuff & Why It’s Bad

What To Use Instead Of The Bad Stuff

How To Balance The Acid VS. Alkaline & Why That Is Important

Other workshops that are available:(Call for prices)

Ritual Design

Folk Magic

Symbols & Signs

Spells & Magic

Herbs In Magic


Wiccan Denominations ​

Norse Runes

Aromatherapy For Your Pets

Herbal Remedies For Your Pets

Mystical Creatures

Crystal Shapes

Native Medicine Cards

Fairy Lore

Animal Communication ​

How To Write Your Book Of Shadows


Tea With The Fairies
Spring Time Awakening

Crystals In Everyday Use


Learn The Basics Of How Crystals Work

What They Are Used For

How You Can Use Them In Your Everyday Life

How To Make Herbal Remedies Workshop


How To Make A Salve

How To Make A Tincture

How To Harvest Your Herbs

How To Buy The Best Quality Herbs Or EO's

How To Use The Salve Or Tincture Or Herb Or Essential Oil

List Of References To Help You Get Further On Your Own

Please check our calendar for dates when these courses will be running.

Earthway Living Course Series
$425.00(Payment Plan Is Available)

An overview of how the things we are doing in our lives are toxic to our animals, the Earth and ourselves. This course explains the changes we need to make in order to make our lives better and in turn making the lives of our animals and the Earth better. You will learn how to listen and hear what Mother Earth is telling you so the choices you make will benefit you both.

Part 1 -
Overview Of Course
Why We Need Body, Mind And Spirit Working Together
Energy Flow

Part 2 -
What We Need To Do To Keep The Body Functioning Properly
Our Appearance

Part 3 -
What The Mind Is
Consciousness VS. Unconsciousness

Part 4 -
What Is Spirit?

Part 5 -
Bringing It All Together

Advanced Herbal Remedies For The Family


Cover More Herbs And Ailments

Exploring More Advanced Remedies Using More Than One Herb

Personalized To Specific Ailments Students Wish To Cover