Bad Odor Coat Powder


Small Cage Disinfectant


Made with quality ingredients.  The base is made of Canadian Beeswax and the herbs are infused in Olive oil for it’s healing properties.  All the herbs are Canadian grown and Organic.  These creams may be used on people but are intended for pets.

Dog Treats

6 Cookies




Cat Nip Toys


No Sting Skin Cream

Use for scrapes or open sores,

use for all skin aliments.


Bug Repellent For Horses

(Available May 1 – Nov 1)

Approx. $10.00 

8 Horse Stud Muffins


Horse Treats

Caution: Not all herbs are safe for cats. 
Please ask if the product is intended for your cat.

All Natural Pet Products

Arthritis Oil

Is great for sore aching muscles.

Great for Arthritis!

This is safe to use on Cats.


Dog Baths For Itching Skin


Our pet products may be used for/on people but are intended for pets.

We also do custom orders for specific ailments.

Herbal Tinctures For Pet Ailments 

Approx. $3.00 - $6.00

Other Herbal Remedies

Anxiety Pillow


Infection Oil

Use for all aliments that could become infected.

Great for ear mites!


Pet Pillows

Sore No More 4 Horses

We have a special rub for Horses.  Helps with stiff and sore muscles.  Made with all natural ingredients with no risk of testing positive for drugs.


Anti-Flea Pillow


Herbal Products For Your Pets

Pet Treats

Creams / Oils